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Silent Alarm – the number one free personal safety app for android, which in the event of an emergency, could help save your life with a single touch.

If you were in an emergency but could not contact the police, who would you contact? Silent Alarm will contact five of your contacts for you, with one touch. When in emergency mode, Silent Alarm retrieves your location from GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers, and then sends SMS messages to your emergency contacts with your location.

After the initial message has been sent, it sends update SMS messages with your updated location. This can be customized to send updates at different intervals.

When your contacts receive your messages, they can come to assist you or send local law enforcement to your location.

There are three ways to trigger emergency mode. The first and most convenient is the home screen widgets which require only one touch to send your emergency messages. The second is by calling your local emergency service phone number which can be done without unlocking your phone completely. The third way is to go into Silent Alarm, and press the large toggle button once.

When you want to switch off emergency mode, go into the app and press the large toggle button once. You will be required to enter your PIN number to access the app and switch off emergency mode. This is to ensure emergency mode is not deactivated by someone else.


On your first run of Silent Alarm you will be guided through a setup wizard so you can specify all the necessary settings for Silent Alarm to work the way you want it.

Emergency Contacts – These are the contacts that Silent Alarm will send emergency messages to when emergency mode is active. They will know you are in need of assistance and exactly where you are. When using the setup wizard, you can send messages to these contacts, letting them know that you have set them as emergency contacts in Silent Alarm.

Listen for Emergency Calls – While this is active, if you call any of the phone numbers specified under “Emergency Service Numbers,” emergency mode will be activated and messages will be sent.

Emergency SMS Prefix – In this section you can specify the beginning of your emergency messages. You have 50 characters to grab your emergency contacts attention and inform them you need help. By default, it’s set to “!SILENTALARM! PLEASE SEND POLICE HERE IMMEDIATELY:”.

Update SMS Interval – This will determine how often after the initial message location updates will be sent. It can be set to 30 seconds, 1, 2 or 3 minutes, or never. By default it’s set to never.

Emergency Service Numbers – These are the phone numbers that will trigger emergency mode. You can set up to three separate phone numbers. By default they are set to 911, 112 and 999 for USA, Europe and the UK respectively.

PIN Number – You should set a security PIN number in this section. It needs to be four numbers in length. It will be used when emergency mode is active to deactivate it.

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When you’re finished, you’ll be taken to the home screen of Silent Alarm. It will now be ready to send emergency messages, in the event of an emergency. You can use the large toggle button to switch emergency mode on and off.